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Message from Koichi Sakaguchi, President

Koichi Sakaguchi, PresidentJust how many years have passed since mankind began using tools?
Thousands of years? Tens of thousands of years? Since I'm not a historian, I cannot say for sure.
At the very beginning, mankind might have used only wooden sticks or small stones as tools.
Then, they began to make tools out of stone. This was the beginning of the Stone Age that lasted for quite a long time.
And then copper and iron were discovered.
Blacksmiths began to work in villages and the people began to use forged metals. This was the beginning of forging works. Those blacksmiths were probably making spades, hoes and even weapons.

The Industrial Revolution realized mass production of iron steel at lower cost.
With the development of mass transportation systems such as the railroad and large ships, forged products were also produced in mass.
Our company currently forges bearing racers for the wheels of the BulletTrain (Shinkansen), engine parts for ships, drilling equipment for marine development, machinery parts for the construction industry, parts for the aerospace industry and other parts vital for all industries.
We believe that our production indicates customer satisfaction and trust.
This trust is reinforced by our experience and accomplishments since 1951 when we began forging manufacturing.

We will continue to strive to maintain the high level of quality and safety that has gained us this trust and endeavor to make our business a trusted one that is considerate of the earth's environment.
Thank you very much for your continued support.

OHMI PRESS WORK AND FORGING  Sakaguchi Koichi, President

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