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Quality Policy
  1. To continuously improve and reform the QMS, for satisfaction of trust and expectations from the customer.
  2. To communicate through out all departments without lack of information, to use the most out of limited resources,and to continuously improve and reform the QMS.

Aprill 1, 2006

Ohmi Press Works & Forging Co., Ltd.
President Koichi Sakaguchi

Environmental Policy

We, as a company processes heat treatment and machining along with roll forging consistently, reduce the burden on the global environment in its activities, and will contribute to conservation of the global environment.

  1. To achieve the environmental policy, the objectives and targets will be set to conduct a review by internal audit and management, and continuously improve the environmental management system.
  2. Environment-related laws and regulations, ordinances and other requirements such as compliance, will be followed to prevent the conservation and pollution of the environment.
  3. Improvement of the original business, which includes production, quality, technical capabilities, safety, service improvement, and the reduction of resource, energy conservation and waste.
  4. Environmental policy will be notified to all employees, and also disclosed to the public by Web page.

February 1, 2012

Ohmi Press Works & Forging Co., Ltd.
President Koichi Sakaguchi

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OH & S Policy

As a company Ohmi Press Works & Forging Co., Ltd., processes manufacturing activities in consideration with OH & S for hot forging, machining, heat treating, and will contribute to the creation of better community.
Ensuring the "health" and "safety" of all employees for comfortable work environment, and actively to raise the OH & S of entire company.

  1. The hazards that exist in company activities, will be evaluated and improved.
    The health and safety goals and implementation plan will be occupied, implemented and make the improvement in performance.
    The health and safety management system will be built, and maintained for continuous improvement.
    Resulting to aim for the realization of non-accident / disaster environment.
  2. OH & S Management System is applicable to all of the OH & S activities, in its scope, with the spirit of "One for All", "All for One", while maintaining good communication, all employees will be united to make commitments on our activities.
  3. By following the OH & S laws and regulations and with other related requirements to prevent the occurrence of accidents.
  4. The goal wil be set in entire company and all departments, and by reviewing on a regular basis, we will strive to improve the performance to make an achievement in the occupational safety and health management system.
    1. (1)Widely gathered opinions and complaints from employees will be used to improve the OH & S.
    2. (2)By improving and thoroughly maintening the equipments, the occurence of risk will reduce and at the same time the prevention of accidents to satisfy OH & S.
    3. (3)The chemical substances that affect the OH & S will be reduced, and will consider in use of alternative materials.
  5. The necessary/sufficient education and training will be given to employees, and we will plan to cooperate with the local community.
  6. In the execution of OH & S activities, prepare the appropriate management resources.
  7. This policy will be open to the public.

June 10, 2013

Ohmi Press Works & Forging Co., Ltd.
Vice President Hiroyuki Sakamoto